Hi! I’m Donna & welcome to my blog, The Chronic Farm girl. I’m chronically into farming and raising animals, and also, chronically ill. I try my best to manage multiple auto immune diseases (lupus, crohns, Sjogren’s Syndrome and Endometriosis) which makes me sound like a …┬áHypochondriac, which I kind of wish I was since that would mean I wasn’t truly dealing with the symptoms and treatments of these diseases!

They have made a big impact on my life. But I’m trying not to give up on my lifestyle and dream of farming, raising animals, and living in the bush. I am a writer, and an artist, and I share my forest home with a flock of Finn sheep, Nigerian dwarf goats, 6 dogs – Maremma livestock guardians, Chihuahua’s and one Pug named after the great explorer Sir Douglas Mawson… and my boyfriend who is a computer geek and Dutch… so he’s introduced me to my favorite thing ever, Bokkenpootjes, goats feet! Which are not goats feet at all but little cream filled cookies/cakes. Oh and other stuff… like Star Wars.

On my blog I share about my animals, the farm, and also my health, the good, bad, and, ugly. Life hands us all challenges, we just need to remember that we are strong enough to rise to those challenges, and life is too short to give up on your dreams. You might have to change your plans, or do things a different way, but nothing is impossible!

You can read more about me, here.

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