Heat wave and around the farm

It has been super hot here suddenly, like 30 C, so mid to high 80’s plus humidity. We were all actually enjoying the cooler temperatures. The UV has been very high so I have only been able to spend brief periods outside covered, but we did what we could to enjoy the weekend and get a little work done around here.

Ed worked some more on the shelter and we also got a nice walk in on Sunday morning, it was brief but it was really nice. We wanted to check out one of our big beaver ponds/dams that broke recently. The leaves are changing rapidly and despite the heat, fall is still in the air.

Douglas and Rollie were super happy to go for a ride/walk especially since it’s been a while. Unfortunately, Norman did not want to go. He’s on pain medication daily now to manage his arthritis, along with his heart meds and it helps get around in a little less pain, but he has slowed down considerably in this past year regardless. He is a few days away now from his 11th Birthday.

When we got back from the walk/dam visit, the boys were less excited to have to get hosed off after running and swimming in the beaver pond, although Douglas did enjoy getting cooled down!!

We have a TON of work to do to get ready for winter, as usual. Firewood needs to be cut, the road needs work, the chimney needs cleaned, I need extra hay brought in… and although we are running behind on it as usual, I’m still feeling optimistic we’ll somehow get it done. Every year it does, despite the odds!

It is supposed to stay warm like this all week, so we’ll see how that goes… and then hopefully things return to a little bit normal temperatures so it will be nicer for cutting firewood and getting outside chores done around here.

2 thoughts on “Heat wave and around the farm

  1. Margaret Brown Fletcher says:

    So sorry to hear Norman is in pain from arthritis. I put Pepe on joint care…the cartilage in his right front foot has broken down and he seemed to be a little stiff walking at times so I put him on the glucosamine condroitin. Glad to hear you are getting some time outside to enjoy your beautiful farm.

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