And the winner is…



Yep, Fred. Fred is the lucky guy that gets to spend some “quality” time with my beautiful ladies. It’s late September and the truth is, I need a ram. The candidates this season have been severely lacking, I have to say. I got a late start, and also wasn’t up for any major long distance trips this fall, so that didn’t help. I did find a ram I really liked and was a great breed but his owner was kind enough to tell me before we drove 6 hrs one way, that he was 4 years old, almost 5, and had never bred any of their ewes even though he had always been with them… so that’s obviously not a good sign, since I’m looking for a man for my girls with one main goal in mind – lambs.

Obviously health, breed, personality, that all comes into play, but I also wanted a proven ram this year, not a young guy that might be hormonal but uneducated and lacking in skill (we’ve all been there) but a more mature fella that I knew would be sweet with the girls and also, get his job done.

There were a couple of Romney rams for sale locally so we went and looked at them last week. I have researched the Romney breed before but not actually met any in person. There are things I like about the breed, also things I don’t…. and while I’d love a Finn ram, and that is my goal, they are harder to find so I knew I’d be using a different breed for a ram this year than Finn for sure.

I don’t love that they are slower growers and they do lamb less than Finns, but Finns are kind of in a league of their own anyway… so you really can’t compare. They have nice wool, Romney’s – and when I saw them in person,  they are quite cute. I liked the look of them and their demeanor.

So next week after getting trimmed and cleaned up, Fred will be coming to join the flock.

The best part of this deal however was that we met a really awesome couple who we have a lot in common with, very down to earth people, who love farming, but also love their animals very much, and take amazing care of them.. we spent hours just chatting with them… it’s not often we find people we can really connect with and talk openly with, so it’s always a real shock, and treat.

On the weekend they came over to visit and have dinner but also showed us how to kindly and efficiently process chickens, which Ed & I did for the first time. It was very calm, not fun, as it never is, but calm, kind, and, it could not have went smoother. It was a really nice day of sharing skills, teaching, while being empathetic, and good conversation.

My hens are now not getting terrorized – there were too many roosters for the amount of hens we have and they were paying the price, and we have some extra food, as do the dogs. Organic, well loved, well tended, food. This was no small step for either of us, and it’s very heavy. But also very important to both of our belief systems.


It has been SUPER hot here, like  40 degrees C – and the humidity was about 95%. It was, quite frankly horrible for everyone, not just me. I spent too much time in the sun because even though I know better and try to take precautions and spend a lot of time telling other people how to properly take care of themselves, I like to not take my own advice and just “power” through things and pretend I’m fine. Old habits die hard and I’m stubborn as a mule.

I have also continuing to wean on my prednisone so that’s having an affect. I have had to sleep with my legs elevated all night because of pain, my knees are swollen, eyes are in tremendous pain and my hip feels like it’s sticking through my skin and being seared with a hot iron…. I took my humira injections today so they make me extra tired on injection day, so it’s a good day to rest. It’s much needed after the past few days, and we’ve got a busy week ahead of us.


Last weekend we moved the girls across from the main pasture and barnyard to another pasture that hasn’t been grazed at all… they were in heaven with so much fresh food.

On Thursday it FINALLY cooled off and everyone was SO happy here and I could actually spend some time outside.

My cousin Greg came and spent time starting to cut and mark trees and it felt really good for me to spend some time in the bush. He came back Friday morning and Ed, Greg, and, I, spent a few hours in the bush starting to cut and felling a few more trees. It feels good to know we’ve finally got a start on our winters wood.  And it felt so good being in the bush. It’s been a long time for me. We have a whole lot more wood cutting ahead of us, but it’s begun and we’ll have plenty of firewood to keep us warm if things all go well.


Everyone has been really, really, happy, since it cooled off.





The bad news is, it spiked the tick population, but the frost should slow them down when we get a good one again.

It’s Thanksgiving weekend approaching in Canada so we hope to get some more wood cutting done, hopefully Fred will come home… and hopefully I won’t dry out the turkey!

Please also to remember to check me out on Facebook, Instagram, and, You tube – sometimes I share things there, videos, pictures, especially on Facebook and Youtube, that are not always on the blog. And thanks for reading! I hope everyone rests if they need to, and also stays cool!

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