Flares, rain & Fred’s balls

I’ve lost track of a lot of time over the past couple of weeks. I’ve been in just a continuous flare that even my increase in prednisone isn’t getting a handle on.


Some extra meds for my flare but this is just 1 dose of medication during the day… most are regular meds and I take meds 3-5 times a day depending on the medication. It’s a handful.

The flare has been slowing me down considerably and I’ve had more pain and symptoms than usual. My 40mg of prednisone also causes pain, more difficulty seeing, and speaking… walking. So that doesn’t help either. But I’ve been working my way through it.

Aside from actual drugs…. as of yesterday I started a new medication and therapy to see how that helps…


It’s called Maremma puppy therapy and let me tell you – it’s the early stages but it’s AWESOME!! I am so excited to add these two little bundles to my pack and family! I had taken two females but as of this morning as I suspected one is a male. I told the farmer I couldn’t find the other female and he brought me the second pup, assured me with the collar it was the right one and away we went home and got here late. This morning during snuggles…. we confirmed the pink collar just didn’t change anything! Ha. So Nymeria and Ghost it is. It has been a dream/plan of mine to add some younger working dogs to my pack, as Max is going on 11 and Flavious is 9. I’d like Max to train and pass his traits down to a younger generation, and also, then in time he’ll be able to retire a little bit, rest more. But mainly I want him to train them, which I know he will do an amazing job of.

The pups are so sleepy and sweet and just want food and cuddles. They are pure sugar.


I’m also glad I did take two – they have each other to help with the adjustment and I’ll have two teams of guards, which will be a great help. They can work just fine alone but they are happier and more efficient in pairs for sure.


Yesterday the weather was decent, so I’m really glad we took advantage of it to get a little bit of work done…. but we are so behind on winter prep anyway – as always. It could be a lot worse, we do have some hay, and some firewood in, just not enough. It’s rainy and miserable again today, so I’m extra glad everyone got to enjoy yesterday.





We’ve got a couple cord of firewood in, not much split yet… we need a couple of more cords to be sure, but we’ve got a decent start for sure in the wood yard.

The access road always needs a lot of work, especially in spring and fall…. without the constant maintainance of the road, no one can get in the mile long access… or out… which sometimes I don’t think is such a bad thing.


We had our first real frost – not a major one, but a decent one, yesterday morning… there was even a little ice on the home pond during the early morning. Today it is warmer -no frost, but it’s pouring rain and cold. It’s a good day to stay inside and keep warm by the fire, which is exactly what the little boys are doing….


But in other news… Poor Fred got attacked by Jackson the miniature horse. Fred does not have a mean bone in his body, despite being a male, and despite breeding season – which is why Jackson picked on him… he’s always picked on weaker animals, but he’s been getting along with everyone for so long, so well, I wasn’t worried about it… and he has already been with Fred for about a month now. I’m not sure what happened since we found Fred down at evening chores. But Jackson took some good bites out of his side, I’m sure he got a few good kicks in, and he also bit Fred in the testicles and tore them – he tore the sack, not through the testicles thankfully, but it didn’t look good and it’s a super bad place for a wound for a whole host of reasons.


Of course it was after hours, but I got a hold of a farm Vet thinking we’d need to stitch it, in case it continued to tear from the weight which was a real possibility… but she said it wasn’t really a strong enough place to put stitches and basically said keeping infection out would be nearly impossible and…. good luck with it.

So I cleaned up the wounds the best I could and kept it up, kept him dry. So far it’s been a week and we’ve managed to keep infection away, he’s scarring nicely. He’s still got some swelling but it’s all improving nicely so I’m just hoping that continues.

My main concern and goal was and is to just get him healed. But I’m also not sure yet if there’s any damage or if he’ll be able to breed this season which is a major concern. I havent decided how to handle it yet. Right now, I just hope it continues to heal well.

Fall and breeding season are always so sensitive and something is always going to happen this time of year with farm equipment and livestock – it’s a given. So we just gotta roll with the punches, even when you get kicked in the balls… by your health, or a horse.

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