Free meat & Free loaders


These two… these two are the free loaders! Cute ones though. Just hanging out in the front yard waiting for evening (as I write this it’s 12:15 PM and they get fed at 4:30.) snacks. Just milling around in the front yard. It’s a good thing they are so adorable. And yes. They are friends. At least they pretend to get along, I am not privy to their private conversations of course.


We were fortunate enough this year to be gifted almost an entire deer’s worth of meat this year, which is going to be a huge help. Both for feeding us, but also my ever growing dog pack, especially the Maremma’s (and one Great Pyrenees) who I regularly also feed meat, and bone broths, and vegetables along with kibble and supplements. I’m even thinking of raising a beef or pig on farm for the dogs… then I know the animal was raised kindly and respectfully. It’s not more cost efficient, it’s just more of a health and kindness thing. But also, a lot of work. My next best option (and the more likely one) is to find a local farm to buy in bulk from.

Thankfully I have a big chest freezer, but first we had to defrost it….


There was a rather large chunk of ice needing to be removed…


And thankfully I could fit right in the freezer to clean it out, and I had help! Otherwise this would have been twice as big of a job as it already was.


Yesterday the weather was absolutely gorgeous – today, it’s drizzly rain, mixed with freezing rain, but not much. Still, a good day to spend indoors. Yesterday the Chihuahua’s took all the advantage they could of the one sun beam in the house though.


Somehow, Flavious has crowned himself King of the Sheep… or at least, he’s pretending he is.


The little dogs have all met the puppies, and Douglas and Rollie could not care less. Either could Norman, but he did make sure to pee everywhere, just to let them know that although he’s the oldest and smallest of the entire farm pack, he’s still top dog.


Ghost & Nymeria are doing amazing and just growing like crazy, especially Ghost. He’s also the more inquisitive and protective. Nymeria is very sweet and gentle.


Flavious and Max are accepting the pups but still stand offish of them, even though Ghost tries his best every day to get a little closer to them.


I haven’t been able to bring myself to letting them sleep outside of the barn at night yet. They want to, but they are too small. They are outside all day with the animals and adult dogs and at night, sleep loose in the barn with all the animals. Except they don’t “sleep” night is when these dogs go to work, and even though they are babies, they are well aware of that and ready to patrol. It’s good bonding time for them with the animals and they have the entire barn, but they are always more than ready to get out and be loose in the morning. They can dig out, but they dug a look out hole to watch for us coming instead of digging all the way out! It’s hilarious to see them peeking out every morning.


This afternoon hopefully will be a kind of lazy one here, just writing, watching netflix, and knitting. I found these super cute tags for some fingerless gloves I’ve been knitting up in the evenings. It helps keep my mind occupied and calmer. High dose prednisone brain is a mess of hyper, unfinished, exhausting thoughts, that you instantly forget. It actually drives you crazy. I’m glad I’m the only one who can hear it. But knitting helps me focus on something else, and also be productive!

I hope everyone is warm and cozy this weekend!

2 thoughts on “Free meat & Free loaders

  1. Cerisse aka Mysticsdance says:

    I’m glad I ventured out and read this as, while I knew you had the farm and everything that goes with it, and all the fun health stuff (because chronic illness and pain is a BLAST I’m telling ya! Not.), I did not realize that you knitted! How do you get your brain to focus on the pattern? Or better yet, how do you even get the motivation to even start, continue, or finish something? Can’t tell where I’m having trouble can you? LOL


    • chronicfarmgirl says:

      I completely relate with the focus trouble! When the prednisone is making me hyper, knitting helps when I can do it, to give me something to do while sitting down… but I haven’t done a big project in a long time, like even hats, I start them but I’m more likely to leave it and not come back to it, or blankets. Mostly right now because it is hard to focus or finish, I do smaller projects I can do in a couple of hours, like lots of gloves and dish cloths lol. And simple patterns, because of the brain fog. So leg warmers, wrist warmers, fingerless gloves, etc. 🙂


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