Staying alive…

Is what we are doing currently! It has been -30 or colder C for the past several days, and also -40 C. It’s cold. Too cold for everyone, except the Maremma’s who are in their glory. Even I cannot believe it and I know they like cold, but they are happy, active, and it’s not even slowing them down. Everyone else is like us people, not happy with it and just wanting to stay warm and stuff our faces with food.

The tractor, ATV, wood splitter AND my car for the first time ever, wouldn’t start. It’s not been a fun week in the cold.

Multiple days everyone has had to stay inside all day because the wind chill has just been way to cold for them.

The water to the barn froze up for only the second time in 10 years. This has left us carrying water from the house, which makes chores a lot longer and more difficult. It’s been fine with Ed doing it and helping but he’s preparing to leave for work for weeks at a time, so I’m faced with hauling water in this new, sick, can barely get off the couch body of mine.

Something, I am assuming the Methotrexate and the flare is causing my pain levels to sky rocket – mostly my bone pain which leads me to believe it’s the metho. It’s excruciating and nothing is helping medication wise even take the edge off. Well maybe it is taking the edge off, I’d hate to test how it feels with absolutely nothing.

So I pretty much have spent the past week on the couch during the day. I’ve been to the barn, done dishes. That’s about it.

But otherwise I have been painting like a crazy person, which has actually helped keep me sane. I get very focused and obsessed with it because I can lose myself in it and it makes me forget better than any other activity how much pain I’m in. Watching TV isn’t enough of a distraction and some other chores I just don’t have the brain power for right now.

I opened up an Etsy shop ( for some of the things I make and sell, but mostly it will be for paintings. I do not currently have my latest paintings on there, because I’m looking to have prints made so I can sell them at a better price and also, have more than one copy than just my original to sell.

I’ve been painting a lot of happy paintings with bright colors since my pain has increased, it’s all I want to paint lately. It’s helped tremendously get me through the days.

Art is so healing – any form of it and self expression is such great therapy. I’m grateful for it. I’m also grateful anyone would be interested enough to buy any of my paintings or prints!

I said to Ed that my current paintings on there were older “practice” paintings mostly, and he had the perfect reply that made complete sense. He said “isn’t every painting a practice painting?”

So computer geeks do get art. At least mine does.


Ed has been working hard to find easy solutions to the vast list of things that are going to be difficult for me to manage on my own without help in this condition. Hopefully it warms up to more normal winter temperatures while he’s away and also, hopefully my body starts to adjust to this medicine soon and the pain at least eases. It feels like my bones are being drilled into.

The main thing is all the animals are well – no frostbite, and we haven’t lost anyone, and no one is sick. They are fat, warm as they can be altogether and that’s the best thing we can ask for.

I hope everyone else is the same!

One thought on “Staying alive…

  1. Sue Herrle says:

    Hey Donna, I’m sorry your having such a hard time. Don’t give up hope, you’ve always have to keep that in front of everything else, it will get better.
    I found an app that is available for iPhone and iPad, not sure about android tho.
    I thought of u on the days that u can’t get up and paint. It’s a coloring app called ColorTherapy. However it’s more than fill in the space, it’s way more. I want you to take a look and give it a try. You can also use it at a social forum to give feedback on those friends on your feed. I found it to be something I can use my own creativity with; it’s not like any other color app I’ve tried. You can look me up as SueH
    Love you and I am praying for u every day. I wish I was closer, I’d be there helping you. Wouldn’t we be a hoot togetheršŸ¤£
    Sue in GA

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