Harsh Realities…

Just like in nature, nothing is ever easy... there are always the wonderful, beautiful, inspiring, exciting, parts... but also the harsh realities, and, sometimes mountains, or at least steep hills, to climb up... if and when you can. We've had a very rough week with the sheep. We lost both our ram, Fred, and, this... Continue Reading →

New beginnings….

“I have learned that if you must leave a place that you have lived in and loved and where all your yesteryears are buried deep, leave it any way except a slow way, leave it the fastest way you can. Never turn back and never believe that an hour you remember is a better hour because... Continue Reading →

Finding my words

I've written a million times.... OK maybe a thousand... about how horrible it feels when a writer cannot write. It's the same as when a painter can no longer paint, a farmer can no longer farm (yes I realize these are all references to things I do) but you get my point. My passions and... Continue Reading →

Staying alive…

Is what we are doing currently! It has been -30 or colder C for the past several days, and also -40 C. It's cold. Too cold for everyone, except the Maremma's who are in their glory. Even I cannot believe it and I know they like cold, but they are happy, active, and it's not... Continue Reading →

2 AM Start

Yesterday I couldn't do anything all day. Well, that's not true, I actually painted all day long, non stop, but I could barely get up from the couch just from pain, fatigue, and plain not feeling well. The painting was a great distraction and amazingly I felt creative, and was able to focus on it,... Continue Reading →

Snowy Saturday and an update

My last Doctors appointment was the first one in probably 2 years I did not leave and immediately have an emotional break down over. After every appointment I have the same reaction, with any of my Doctors. I cry. I feel hopeless. I then feel angry. Then hopeless again. Then eventually this level of acceptance... Continue Reading →

The morning fire

I've been living in houses heated solely with wood since I was 16 and left home. You'd think I'd be good at starting fires... and the truth is, I actually can be if I have the right things and take my time. I know how. But in the house I often like to rush in... Continue Reading →

I am in pain.

And because one of my conditions happens to be Sjogren’s Syndrome, I can’t even cry because I cannot produce tears. I cannot cry out of sadness, or happiness, for emotional relief. I am in pain. And it’s all consuming. I hurt from the tips of my toes right up to the top of my head.... Continue Reading →

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